Start a business in Andorra

Setting up a company in Andorra and living abroad is totally legal

Requirements to set up a company in Andorra are the following:

First of all, it is essential to remember that creating a company in Andorra requires a diligent
process with the Andorran Government.
Thus, the procedure documents to carry out the constitution of a company are written in the
official language of the country. That is in Catalan. 2 months are needed to set up a society in

Required documents to the constitution of the society

  1. Presentation by part of the managers and partners of the document of criminal records from their respective countries.
  2. Valid passport of the country in which they are residing by part of the manager and partners.
  3. Business plan document and investment strategy.

A request and reservation of the company’s name

It is essential to realize a reservation request of the company’s name to the Andorran
Government. The authorization that you have approximately a week from your request. Such
denominations must be in Catalan and must define the activity of the business accurately.

Request for foreign investment

The authorization has to be requested by the Andorran Government always that the non-
national investor or resident in Andorra desires to have participation higher to the 10% of
share capital. The answer takes between 1 month and one month and a half.

The setting of the company and reservation of the commercial name

In this phase, we define the social company objective. The address of each entity will be
managed and established.

The duration of this procedure is fast and does not exceed a week.

Bank account and the notarial act

The last phase for the constitution of a society is to open a bank account in an Andorran
banking entity.

Thus, with the authorization of the foreign investment and the opening process of a bank
account, the notarial act will remain for the constitution of the company in the presence of a

Once this procedure is completed, the entry in the Registre de Societats is also in the presence
of a notary. When the constitution of the society is finished you become a legal person.

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