Legal Area



  • Process about capacity, filiation, and marriage.
  • Divorces.
  • Provisional measures.
  • Incapacitation processes.
  • Non-married partners. 

Obligations and contracts

  • Negotiation, drafting, and client support in the conclusion of all kinds of civil contracts: purchase and sale of movable and immovable properties, leases of rural and urban properties, industrial leases, incorporation and regulation of communities of property and civil companies, and contracts for works and services.
  • Claim amount.

Land Register

  • All kinds of issues related to rights in rem, the exercise of action in a claim, demarcation, and declaratory judgments.
  • Domain records, resumption of successive registration, and rectification of registration.
  • Legal and voluntary easements, actions denying easements.
  • Possessory actions.


  • Notarial or judicial declaration of heirs and adjudication of inheritance.
  • Other derived actions: settlement of inheritance tax, processing of widows and orphans pensions, etc.
  • Advice on declaration, acceptance, adjudication, and division of inheritance.
  • Drafting of wills for residents and non-residents. Challenging wills.
  • Assumption of the functions of an accountant by judicial, testamentary, or dative appointment (of the co-heirs).
  • Inheritance petition and preterition actions.
  • Inheritance of foreigners with the last residence in Spain, legalisation of foreign inheritance deeds.
  • Inheritance agreements.


  • Incorporation of Companies.
  • Capital increase
  • Capital reduction.
  • Winding-up Companies.

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